Careers that involve what we do


There are hundreds of different types of jobs in the computer hardware field. If working with your hands is something you desire and are interested in how computers and networks function, this is an ideal profession for you.

If you want employment working with computer hardware in your local area, consider registering with an employment agency. It’s also a really good idea to check your local online or newspaper classified advertisements at least once each week to find out about available positions.

Manufacturing Jobs
Companies that make create computers and related devices hire individuals to work in a manufacturing capacity. Intel, (as an example) employs people to design and craft microprocessors and other hardware components. Intel usually has positions available for experienced professionals.  (as well as for recent graduates and interns, around the world.)

It is also  becoming more and more common for large companies to employ their very own exclusive computer hardware specialists. If you are skilled in performing all types of tasks related to computer hardware, you may be well suited for corporate jobs in computer hardware. Organizations with more than 100 employees, as well as smaller businesses that are dependent on fully functioning computer equipment at all times often hire professionals to keep their equipment up and running.

Some of the different types of businesses and organizations likely to employee computer hardware professionals commonly include:

Call centers
Local, state, and federal government agencies
School systems